Monday, November 25, 2013

Bound 2 with James Franco and Seth Rogen

Keirin: Speed Racers

Keirin: Speed Racers on

Before fixed-gear bikes became de rigueur for urban aesthetes, they were the weapon of choice for Japan’s fearless Keirin cyclists. A gladiatorial incarnation of track cycling that dates back to 1948, the Japanese sporting phenomenon operates by an intricate set of rules that sees competitors jostling for position on steeply banked tracks at lightning fast speeds, all but encouraging spectacular crashes.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Police: Attack of Cyclist Was Not Part of "Knockout Game"

No it's called "lets beat the crap out of someone" game...

Police say the beating of a cyclist along a Philadelphia street was not part of the nationwide "knockout game" trend as they initially believed.
The male victim was riding his bike along 13th and Catherine Streets in the Bella Vista section of the city just before 8 p.m. on Friday when he was randomly punched by a group of teens, police said.
"One guy and two of his friends came to shake me off my bike and started hitting me while I was down," said the victim, who did not want to be identified.
After being hit, the cyclist says he asked the group -- made up of five teen boys and three teen girls -- why they hit him. Without answering, the group then continued beating the man.

Police: Attack of Cyclist Was Not Part of "Knockout Game"

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Despite Financial Concerns, Cities Are Doubling Down on Bike-Share

Ride your own damn bike and spend the money on infrastructure!  Everybody I know who supports this shit has 5 bikes.  In Austin the visiting tourist can rent a bike anywhere.  

Despite Financial Concerns, Cities Are Doubling Down on Bike-Share
Ongoing financial problems at PBSC (also known as Bixi), the Montréal-based bike-share equipment company, continue to ripple across North America. But even so, the continuing popularity of bike-share with the public is leading cities with PBSC contracts to call for expansion of their systems.
The hope among supporters in places including Toronto and New York is that with revised business models, bike-share can solidify its position as an integral element of the urban transportation menu.
According to the most recent public figures, PBSC, which is owned by the city of Montréal, is $42 million in debt, with a $6.5 million deficit and $5 million in outstanding payments. In September, the auditor general of Montréal expressed doubts over the company’s ability to continue operations. Last month, client Nice Ride Minnesota filed a notice of material breach of contract over long-standing disputes about software development, although at the time, Nice Ride officials emphasized that they hope to resolve the issues and that “Nice Ride values its relationship with PBSC and is optimistic that PBSC will restructure successfully.” In Vancouver, meanwhile, worries about PBSC’s financial stability might shut down the rollout of that city’s program altogether.

Despite Financial Concerns, Cities Are Doubling Down on Bike-Share - Sarah Goodyear - The Atlantic Cities

Armstrong's urge to tell all is 'a little late'

What makes anybody believe that Lance Armstrong is capable is telling anybody the truth?

JOHANNESBURG (Reuters) - Lance Armstrong's promise to come clean about doping is "a little late", the head of the United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) said on Thursday, accusing the disgraced cyclist of trying to use events to "gain advantage".
Travis Tygart said Armstrong had been pushed into saying he would co-operate with a new inquiry into doping in cycling because of legal proceedings in the U.S.
"He is going for a deposition in the United States in November where he is going to go under oath in a lawsuit and have to answer questions and I think that he is now being forced essentially through that process (to come clean) and that he is trying to gain an advantage," Tygart told Reuters.
"It's a little late but we are still hopeful he will come and answer everything we have to ask him under oath but until he decides to do that, it is entirely premature to determine or speculate on any sort of reduction (of his life ban)."

Armstrong's urge to tell all is 'a little late' - USADA - Yahoo Sports

Once I Loved

Friday, November 8, 2013

John Lydon reveals Mick Jagger ‘secretly’ paid Sid Vicious’ legal fees

John Lydon may have said The Rolling Stones looked “silly” performing at Glastonbury earlier this year, but the former Sex Pistol and PiL frontman has only praise for Mick Jagger. In an interview with the Daily Record, Lydon has revealed that Jagger ‘secretly’ paid Sid Vicious’ legal fees, after the Pistol’s bass player had been charged with the murder of girlfriend Nancy Spungen.

Dangerous Minds | John Lydon reveals Mick Jagger ‘secretly’ paid Sid Vicious’ legal fees

I remember Pat Tillman

Pat Tillman
This comes from the Pat Tillman Foundation...

 Almost ten years later, most Americans still remember Pat as the NFL athlete and soldier, but he is and will always be Tillman Military Scholar #1 in our community.

Arizona State University recognized Pat’s potential, both in the classroom and on the field, with a scholarship to play for the Arizona State Sun Devils. He earned first team Academic All-American honors and the NCAA's Post-Graduate Scholarship for academic and athletic excellence – not to mention the admiration and high regard of his professors, coaches and fans alike. Between games, Pat earned a B.S. in Marketing, graduating Summa Cum Laude from ASU’s W.P. Carey School of Business in three-and-a-half years.

Pat’s NFL success neither went to his head nor broke his principles. He drove to games in the same beat-up truck he had in college. He had no cell phone. Instead, he chose to read voraciously and develop, debate and discuss his ideas with eager listeners, family and friends. He was a lifelong learner. He made other's passions his passions. In the off-season, he challenged himself physically with marathons and half-ironman triathlons, while pursuing a master’s degree in history from his alma mater. And he took an active role in the community volunteering with Boys Hope Girls Hope and the March of Dimes, as well as visiting students in schools across the Phoenix Valley to read and discuss books.

After September 11th happened, the rest is history. But Pat's early legacy of service, learning and action lives on in each of our Tillman Military Scholars. In his name, we're grateful for your continued support and dedication to help each of them make an impact for our country and communities in the years to come.

Pat Tillman Foundation (Official)

Soft Like Kitten » cyclocross heckling

I’m particularly fond of the silent cheer and the wave. Very stylish. With master heckler Jane leading the charge and four-to-five nights of practice a week, I think we’ll really be able to set ourselves apart as the best hecklers this side of the Atlantic.

Soft Like Kitten » cyclocross heckling

Coping With Heckling in Cyclocross: BikeSnobNYC

Just remember that heckling is all in good fun. Further, cyclocross is so painful that the heckling actually feels good. Basically, it recalibrates your entire pain threshold, and you'll be able to withstand insults that would make even the most powerful roadie break down in heaving sobs.

Coping With Heckling in Cyclocross: BikeSnobNYC | Bicycling Magazine

Monday, November 4, 2013

Build a bike generator to stay connected during your city’s next power outage

A magnet DC motor is spun 50 times for each revolution of the bike wheel, a home-built charge controller monitors the batteries for when to kill the charge, and a power inverter lets you take advantage of the accumulated juice. How do you prepare for when technology fails you? Use technology to prepare for the worst.

Portland mom's 7-person cargo bike stolen

PORTLAND – A seven-seater bicycle that made headlines last year has been stolen, according to the bike’s owner.
Emily Finch carts her six kids around Portland on a cargo bike with five seats in the front and one in the back. But on Monday, Finch tweeted that her bike was stolen.

Portland mom's 7-person cargo bike stolen | Portland