Saturday, March 30, 2013

MUSE - Live From a Seaside Rendezvous(2009)

Kick Ass Show!!!
Matthew Bellamy
Matthew Bellamy

Bouffant Jellyfish

Shrimp and Chicken Jambo!

Go to the window and fix me a SALAD! Mrdungm

El Flaco - I'm afraid of Harvey

The visage of Harvey Korman
Named in homage to the Mexican restaurant the band practiced behind, El Flaco was an Austin phenomenon that spawned from the tentacles of funky freak show Bouffant Jellyfish in 1993. Fusing Texas funk with ZZ Top’s boogie and sludge, Brad Turner (drums, vocals), Chris Hay (guitar, vocals), and Rob Gray (bass, vocals) wrote witty, blistering jams to which only Primus could hope to aspire (“Sister,” “Harvey Korman”), funny voices and all. The trio released debut Thub on Sector 2 in 1994 to much local thrash and shout, but when Turner left for NYC in early 1995 for culinary school gigs became infrequent. Three years later, the trio followed with party-starter El Pee on Cold Spring Records, but El Flaco called it a day soon after. Posthumously, the threesome landed on the soundtrack to Bob Ray’s Rock Opera in 2000, alongside local luminaries the Fuckemos, Ed Hall, Squat Thrust, etc. Gray moved to Baltimore in 1999 and continues making music as the Robert Gray 3. – Darcie Stevens

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Middle-aged man in Lycra: Cycling turns sane men vain

 Good Grief!
look like Bradley Wiggins
 Phwoar, what a lovely bit of leg! So toned, so smooth. It’s enough to make a Mamil (middle-aged man in Lycra) fork out for surgery to help him look like Bradley Wiggins.  So says Dr Peter Finigan, a specialist in the removal of thread veins at the nationwide Dr Newmans Clinic. He’s treated 50 cyclists since the 2012 Olympics who want rid of the unsightly blemish, which can be caused by genes or booze. With a boom in men shaving their legs like the pros, newly revealed skin issues are compelling self-conscious roadies to get help.

Middle-aged man in Lycra: Cycling turns sane men vain -

Ullrich doping | Ullrich admits role in doping but doesn't confess

 Ullrich says he played a role in "what happened in cycling" but did not offer a clear confession to doping like some other leading riders, including his longtime rival Lance Armstrong.

Ullrich doping | Ullrich admits role in doping but doesn't confess | EITB Sport

Lance Armstrong under investigation in Spain; criminal charges possible

 Lance Armstrong’s legal battles mostly have been in civil courts in America and there didn't appear to be any indication he would face serious criminal issues outside of being banned from sports, even after
the interview where he discussed doping While some fans were disappointed that it wasn't more than a hyped interview, the cyclist might still be looking at severe penalties in the future and it could be coming from a country where the cyclist once raced.

Lance Armstrong under investigation in Spain; criminal charges possible - National Celebrity Headlines |

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Cyclists visit with police chief about road safety

AUSTIN -- Dozens of Austin cyclists sat down to have a “Chat with the Chief” Thursday night at a South Austin bicycle shop. The event sponsored by the Austin Cycling Association and Please Be Kind to Cyclists is in its fifth year. Local bike riders were armed with questions about the legal system and its inner workings. Austin Police Chief Art Acevedo was joined by deputies from other law enforcement agencies, a representative from Austin Municipal Court, a Municipal judge and others who fielded questions for more than an hour. Many cyclists told KVUE they’re concerned about public perception that people who hit and kill a cyclist or a pedestrian are seldom held accountable.

Rules of the road » Corpus Christi Caller-Times

— Q: What does safe passing mean and is it being enforced?
A: The safe passing ordinance was approved about a year ago and requires vehicles to stay at least three feet and as far as six feet from cyclists or pedestrians, depending on vehicle size.
But signs alerting drivers to the rule haven’t gone up, and police aren’t actively enforcing it. It was unclear whether a citation ever has been written for violating the ordinance, police said.
Q: Why don’t bicyclists just ride on the sidewalk?
A: A sidewalk, as the name spells out, is for walking. Although laws allow cyclists to share the road, under the ordinance pedestrians must use sidewalks and cyclists must use bicycle lanes when available, such as on Ocean Drive.
For cyclists, riding on a sidewalk is illegal, often unsafe because it is designed for pedestrians and sidewalks end abruptly at each road intersection.
Q: Where does the city rank in terms of hit-and-run crashes?
A: The Texas Department of Transportation in 2012 released per capita crash data from 2007-11 for about 60 cities in Texas with populations greater than 50,000.
Among the rankings for the number of vehicle versus pedestrian crashes, Corpus Christi came it at No. 9, behind cities such as Laredo, Dallas, Austin, Brownsville, Waco and Conroe.
The same agency released data on pedestrian fatalities. Corpus Christi ranked No. 6 in the state for that category, per capita. It followed Conroe, Longview, Temple, Dallas and Pharr.
Rules of the road » Corpus Christi Caller-Times

Wheelmen ride through bicycle history |

Wheelmen ride through bicycle history |

Council to vote on Mopac bicycle bridge funding - Austin Business Journal

Austin City Council will vote on a $4.8 million advance funding agreement for the second phase of the Mopac Bicycle Bridge project at its March 7 meeting. The funds will be administered by the Texas Department of Transportation.

Council to vote on Mopac bicycle bridge funding - Austin Business Journal

BikeSpike Thwarts Bike Thieves With GPS Tracking

 BikeSpike is a new gadget that aims to make these heartbreaking stories a thing of the past. Armed with the world’s smallest GPS chipset and a connection to a global cellular network, the device makes it possible to track your stolen bike in real time, and hopefully recover it.

BikeSpike Thwarts Bike Thieves With GPS Tracking | EarthTechling

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Move more and eat less.

You probably know at least one person who spent hundreds of dollars to shave a few grams off his bike—and would have been better served shedding pounds from his own frame. That’s because one of the keys to cycling performance is power-to-weight ratio (watts produced to kilograms of body weight). Whether you’re training for an MS 150 or the Masters World Championships, a leaner, fitter body is going to travel faster. However, weight isn’t the only factor in the equation (see “Fit or Fat,” below), and dropping too many pounds could impede your progress. Here is a simple system to determine—and achieve—the riding weight that’s best for you.

Find Your Race Weight: Cycling Training | Bicycling Magazine

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Colin's Middle Finger Lives!

Spiderman would be proud!
"From his love of bicycling of all things"
Colin's middle finger
Next Patient
 SEATTLE -- A Thurston County man who lost his finger in an accident used his love of bicycles to create an unusual prosthetic that's gaining interest around the country. Roughly 30,000 people lose a finger to amputation every year, and in 2010 Colin Macduff became part of that statistic during an explosives accident. Instead of getting depressed about the accident, the former Navy man who did two tours of duty in Desert Shield started an entirely new career path. After the accident, Macduff drew on his education, training and love of bikes to make a creative new prosthetic that gives him the dexterity to do whatever he wants, including working in the bike shop in his garage. Macduff's wife, Becky, will never forget the day of the accident. "It was really scary to look at the finger. It was really scary," she said. Macduff's doctor told him he'd get used to the amputation, but he knew that wasn't going to happen. "I'm sorry, you'll never get used to this," Macduff said. He was still in the recovery room after surgery when he was hit with a bolt of inspiration.

More of the Story

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Lance Armstrong: People will forgive me like they did Bill Clinton

I knew it!
Some love that finger!

Below is a couple of related stories previously posted on Fred's Bike:

Redemption? Lance Armstrong and Oprah

Lance Armstrong to challenge USPS about what it knew

Lance Armstrong: People will forgive me like they did Bill Clinton - Washington Times

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Sarah Palin Edition | Crooks and Liars

The ironic Guy Fawkes
Crooks and Liars:  More useful idiots.  These people are mad because you can legally buy a large coke.  The fine people commenting are saying that the folks to the right of them want government out of their frig but they can't personally stay out of everybody elses bedroom.  The left has lost credibility.  They are the ones that seem to support taking of freedoms and they are the ones in everyone's bedroom.  The government is now up my ass and in my bedroom with Obamacare.  I am not defending Sarah Palin but I am happily offending the progressive authoritarians one post at a time until they take my 1st amendment right away. 
Pretty soon the government will mandate that you ride this bike and this bike only!
News Flash:                                                                                  

a little strange

99% of the people on the right want to stay as far away from the progressive authoritarian's bedroom as possible.

1% just want a little strange.   

Stupid Right-Wing Tweets: Sarah Palin Edition | Crooks and Liars

Monday, March 11, 2013

Why I ride my bicycle: Dr. Greg Gramelspacher

Cycling is a way of life for Dr. Greg Gramelspacher.The medical director of Wishard Palliative Care gave up his car and cycles to work on most days. He sometimes rides with a group of cyclists after work and goes on weekend rides organized by the Central Indiana Bicycling Association.
Why I ride my bicycle: Dr. Greg Gramelspacher | Indianapolis Star |

The Bike Helmet Paradox

Admonishing a teenager for smoking is commonplace. Reprimanding people for taking antibiotics when they don't really need them is the next big thing. And giving people a hard time about biking without a helmet is still entirely in vogue. It's because we care. But as we learned from the original food pyramid, sometimes good intentions pave the road to adult-onset diabetes.
People are still questioning whether bicycle helmets, compulsory or voluntary, reduce injuries. Do we ride more aggressively when we wear them, because we feel invincible, putting our whole bodies in more dangerous situations? Drivers are more cautious around riders without helmets. While good evidence says helmets do their job in reducing head injuries, we're best to -- as in all things -- think outside of our heads.

The Bike Helmet Paradox - James Hamblin - The Atlantic

Sunday, March 10, 2013

HIPSTER KRYPTONITE - Scratch, slap and run away screaming!!

Super Cyclist
She is obsessed with FNC.
Now I know why!  Not that 
there is anything wrong with 
being obsessed with  
Fox News.
Intellectual Giant

A country-music singer and songwriter who has penned songs for the likes of Hank Williams Jr., Martina McBride, Dolly Parton and Wynonna Judd has now produced a brand-new song and video that’s going viral, immortalizing the legendary beauty of the women on Fox.

singer and songwriter  
Austin Cunningham

Mark Kelly Gave Gun Control Testimony Day Before Buying AR-15

Do as I as say and not as I do because I know better than you!
Highly Trained Hypocrite

Mark Kelly Gave Gun Control Testimony Day Before Buying AR-15

Sports Illustrated Names Obama One of the Most Powerful People in Sports

Good job Sports Illustrated! You did it again. This is almost as good as the Lance Armstrong for Pope story.
One of the most powerful people in sports!
Sports Illustrated Names Obama One of the Most Powerful People in Sports | NewsBusters

Thursday, March 7, 2013

Genesis Caribou Fat Bike – First Look - BikeRadar

Genesis Caribou fat bikeGenesis Caribou fat bike
Genesis Caribou fat bikeBritish brand Genesis have unveiled an all-new production fat bike at this week's iceBike show in Milton Keynes. The UK-designed model, known as the Caribou was on display alongside the rest of the company's range.
Genesis Caribou fat bikeAnother Genesis fat bike was also on display, this time in prototype form
Genesis Caribou fat bikeGenesis Caribou fat bikeThe Caribou gets a full Reynolds 520 frameset complete with a 170mm rear end – necessary to make way for Surly’s monstrous combination of 80mm Rolling Darryl hoops and 4in Nate tyres.
The frame is paired to a triple-butted chromo fork with 135mm spacing. Between the frame and fork you’re guaranteed to get all the bosses and mounts you’d ever need!
Gallery: Genesis Caribou Fat Bike – First Look - BikeRadar