Thursday, May 3, 2012

MacAvalanche 2012 pt 1:snow,sunburn,29er death wish action.

Who would race the punishing MacAvalanche on a fully rigid 29er? Ace Mad Dog Woodley, that’s who!
Part one, and Mad Dog attempts the seeding race with a frozen rear hub!
Words and photos: MacAce Mad Dog Woodley
I believe Noel Coward penned a song for people like me, “only mad dogs and Englishmen go out in the midday sun” I decided to race test a 29er, but I don’t have access to the latest gear and bikes so had to wing it a bit.
So on Friday night I get confirmed to race, very early Saturday morning I head off to Glen Coe for the 2nd Mac-Avalanche and we are getting more snow this time. As it turns out I hate riding in snow, last year was like riding through wet marbles, and this year will be my second attempt at riding in snow. I can’t win this event, I am not even a contender, it’s a unique mountain race in the UK and attracts a very broad mix of riders and racers, and No Fuss events try to keep things on the laid back side.
MacAvalanche 2012 pt 1:snow,sunburn,29er death wish action. - Dirt

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