Thursday, September 20, 2012

What happens to the Lance Armstrong Bikeway?

Maybe we just call it the Austin Bikeway! This is a stupid article.  Link to story below:

"No one knows if the city will change the name of the bike path. If they did, it would be extremely hypocritical and inconsistent. After all, Austin has a statue of guitarist Stevie Ray Vaughan and a street named after Willie Nelson. Both spent their careers on drugs. Don’t get me wrong, Willie and Stevie are great, but they did a lot of dope and the city didn’t seem to mind that when honoring them.

And then there is Leslie Cochran, a thieving, alcoholic bum from Miami who set up shop on the streets of Austin in the late 80s."

Willie and Stevie were not competing in races that were supposed to be on a level playing ground and Austin has been known to do some stupid things in the past.   Stevie did sober up in the end and became a way better man for it.  Let's see what Lance does before we give him the key to the city.  The trail will be around for many years and we can wait for his name to cleared.

What happens to the Lance Armstrong Bikeway?

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