Monday, April 8, 2013

Underwear with bike shorts? We answer the (sometimes literally) burning question |


Wear underwear on the pub crawl but not on the road or trail.

Ah, spring. Thoughts turn to budding trees, trilling birds and underwear.

There's really no graceful way to get into the topic, so that's our attempt here at the Ocyclers Center of Awkward Transitions to broach a subject that incites passions on both sides.
Now is the time to ask, as people dust off their road bikes after a long winter: Bike shorts -- with underwear or without?
Mechanic Dane Rowray at Sellwood's Bike Commuter shop doesn't hesitate: Without. "Underwear makes you sweaty, moist, it bunches up, causes rashes. It's just weird," he says. When the 21-year-old went on his longest ride to date -- 96 miles between Santa Cruz, Calif., and Big Sur: no underwear.
The only time to wear briefs under bike shorts or tights? When you're trying on the clothes at a store, he says.
But customer Monique Dupre, 34, says maybe that's a guy thing. "It never even crossed my mind not to wear underwear," she says. But it's the opposite for her husband, she noted.
Those in the underwear camp cite plenty of advantages: The extra layer keeps your shorts cleaner -- that means fewer spins in the washing machine, so your bike gear lasts longer. Skivvies also reduce the "ick" factor when you have to put on sweaty bike shorts for the commute home.
Underwear with bike shorts? We answer the (sometimes literally) burning question |

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