Friday, May 3, 2013

Lessons from bicycle riders - The Washington Post

 I was delighted with the April 28 front-page article “Uneasy riders: Adults trying to get steady on 2 wheels,” about adults learning to ride bikes. Not all new riders are aware of their own limitations. Some suggestions for these brave new bicyclists:
●If you have more than one accident, perhaps you should get a large tricycle instead. (Are you listening, Justice Stephen G. Breyer?)
●Try gaining experience on trails or paths that you are familiar with; new trails may present unknown difficulties and require extra caution.
●Be aware that excessive force on the front-wheel brake can send you tumbling, especially when going downhill. This is more likely to happen to an inexperienced adult rider. Adults pitched forward over the handlebars tend to break things.
Jere Rutt, Gaithersburg

Where in the Constitution is it written that you can’t be an American unless you ride a bipedal torture machine, also known as a bicycle? All my life I have been bullied and harassed because I don’t have the slightest desire to mount one of these obviously dangerous contraptions. But I finally figured out that, as the saying goes, just because all my friends were foolishly jumping on bikes, it didn’t mean that I had to. If other people want to risk themselves on these two-wheeled iron maidens, may heaven bless them and keep them — far away from me.

Lessons from bicycle riders - The Washington Post

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