Monday, July 1, 2013

No helmets required for bike share in busy NYC

 In a city where the mayor is often portrayed as a protective nanny, restricting cigarettes, fatty foods and sugary drinks, there is a glaring exception: a new bike-share program that allows riders to pedal through some of the nation's busiest streets without a helmet.
The lack of a helmet requirement in New York's month-old Citi Bike program, which eventually will accommodate as many as 10,000 cyclists — many of them tourists — has some experts predicting a disastrous increase in injuries and fatalities. Comedians have piled on, with "The Daily Show" host Jon Stewart sarcastically suggesting a "Street Brain Material Removal Service."

June 18th post on Fred's Bike

But so far, through more than 500,000 rides, such predictions haven't come true, with just three minor accidents and nothing more serious than some scrapes and bruises.

No helmets required for bike share in busy NYC

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