Sunday, July 15, 2012

Lance Armstrong - Friendly Fred or Just a Big Jerk?

Hmm... Not sure what to think about the Austin rider.  Jerk or not?  Time will tell. He has never failed a drug test.  I have heard many stories from around Austin that he is not the most friendly Fred but he has still won 7 Tours.  People will always gun for #1.  Like him or not where is the evidence?  I wish I had 1/4 his cycling talent but cheaters are as low as it gets. I remember two things that my dad told me.  Don't ever be "I could have been" and "Cheaters only cheat themselves".  I believe Lance is one of the greatest cyclist of all times.  I hope he did it with his on own force of will and not a strange brew of who knows what.

3 former associates of Lance Armstrong get lifetime bans from USADA (AP)

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