Friday, July 27, 2012

Salsa Bend 2, On One Mary and Felt Albert handlebars for Single Speed

I have been riding with all three of these bars on my single speed bikes.  The Salsa Bend 2 is a great bar.  I feels good, it's light and manufactured well.  The Felt Albert is another swept bar that doesn't quite give me a warm and fuzzy feeling.  The Felt seems cheap, uncomfortable and swept a little to much.  The Mary bar is the best by far!  The point of the swept bar is too give the single speed rider more control on climbs, a hand position that opens the lungs and it also reduces numbness in the hands. Do Mary!

Update: Although I love the Mary bar for single speed I have just purchased a second Salsa Bend 2 for my geared bike.  

On One : Mary
Meet Mary... Our classic alt-bar. We like to think of it as an extreme sweep riser bar. It's a bit odd, but makes a lot of sense once you give it a go.


  • 37mm rise (measured centre to centre)
  • 645mm width
  • 22.2mm outside diameter (MTB levers fit fine)












Salsa : Bend 2 Bar

  • Available in both 17- or 23-degree back-sweep for a more natural hand position
  • Bar sweeps forward, then back, to preserve stem length
  • 5-degree upsweep allows adjustment to suit personal preference
  • Bar can be flip-flopped to run up or down
  • 7050-T76 alloy
  • 31.8 clamp
  • 710 width center-to-center
  • Double-butted
  • Graduated ends for easy trimming
  • Bead-blast Black finish
  • 17-degree = 297 grams, 23-degree = 309 grams

Felt : Albert

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