Monday, July 2, 2012

Trials bike at Emma Long City Park

Ryan Albert - above.  Dirt Derby Promoter

It was raining, muggy and an ill fated ride at Emma Long Park yesterday.  A.J. flatted out, Ryan lost his phone and I was shown to be extremely out of shape.  There a was a bit of fun after the ride.  We met several trials bike riders.  They were gracious enough to let us ride their 2 stroke rock crawling beasts.  One of the guys had this cool trials bicycle in the back of his truck.  I'm kicking myself for not getting pics of the other bikes.   

                  A.J. Camp owner of The Peddler Bike Shop

If you are in Central Austin and need a great bike shop.  Go to The Peddler!  They are super cool and they even make a Fred (the white socks kind) like me feel comfortable.  The prices on service are great and they are very knowledgeable.   If you have an extra buck throw it in the jar for the beer fund!

Directions to The Peddler:
They are located at 51st and Duval. 5015 Duval ST. is the address. (FROM I-H 35 NORTHBOUND) exit Airport Blvd. and turn left heading north, continue north to light at 51st. Make a left heading west on 51st. They are about three blocks ahead on the left. (FROM I-H35 SOUTHBOUND) exit 51st. Make a right traveling west on 51st. Cross over Airport Blvd. continuing west on 51st. Then they are about three blocks ahead on the left. (FROM MOPAC EXPRESSWAY) Exit on RR 2222 and travel east to Lamar blvd. Turn right heading south on Lamar. Continue south to light at 51st. Make a left onto 51st traveling east. Continue east on 51st approximately 1/2 mile and they are on the right.

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