Monday, December 3, 2012

Mountain biking, one of safest sports today: Gary Fisher

Known worldwide as the father of mountain biking, Gary Fisher is a passionate advocate of the sport, which he says is much safer that other sporting activities such as soccer or fuel sports like motor racing.
On his maiden tour to India, Fisher says the country has probably one of the best natural habitats in the world to tempt the youth to “bomb down” off-road mountain trails.
“With mountain biking, the original reaction is like, are you crazy, that sounds insane. But with the advent of trek bikes which are practical and easy to ride the scenario has changed,” says Fisher who launched a premium bike by Firefox during his visit here.
While Firefox Bikes says it targets selling 3000 bikes per year of this collection, Fisher believes the sport has immense scope of exploration and appears to be popular in the corporate market as well.
“There are huge chances of one being hurt while playing soccer when a player hits the ball with his head but with the advent of new technology bikes mountain biking is comparatively safer,” he says.

Business Line : News / Sports : Mountain biking, one of safest sports today: Gary Fisher

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