Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Colin's Middle Finger Lives!

Spiderman would be proud!
"From his love of bicycling of all things"
Colin's middle finger
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 SEATTLE -- A Thurston County man who lost his finger in an accident used his love of bicycles to create an unusual prosthetic that's gaining interest around the country. Roughly 30,000 people lose a finger to amputation every year, and in 2010 Colin Macduff became part of that statistic during an explosives accident. Instead of getting depressed about the accident, the former Navy man who did two tours of duty in Desert Shield started an entirely new career path. After the accident, Macduff drew on his education, training and love of bikes to make a creative new prosthetic that gives him the dexterity to do whatever he wants, including working in the bike shop in his garage. Macduff's wife, Becky, will never forget the day of the accident. "It was really scary to look at the finger. It was really scary," she said. Macduff's doctor told him he'd get used to the amputation, but he knew that wasn't going to happen. "I'm sorry, you'll never get used to this," Macduff said. He was still in the recovery room after surgery when he was hit with a bolt of inspiration.

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