Saturday, March 30, 2013

El Flaco - I'm afraid of Harvey

The visage of Harvey Korman
Named in homage to the Mexican restaurant the band practiced behind, El Flaco was an Austin phenomenon that spawned from the tentacles of funky freak show Bouffant Jellyfish in 1993. Fusing Texas funk with ZZ Top’s boogie and sludge, Brad Turner (drums, vocals), Chris Hay (guitar, vocals), and Rob Gray (bass, vocals) wrote witty, blistering jams to which only Primus could hope to aspire (“Sister,” “Harvey Korman”), funny voices and all. The trio released debut Thub on Sector 2 in 1994 to much local thrash and shout, but when Turner left for NYC in early 1995 for culinary school gigs became infrequent. Three years later, the trio followed with party-starter El Pee on Cold Spring Records, but El Flaco called it a day soon after. Posthumously, the threesome landed on the soundtrack to Bob Ray’s Rock Opera in 2000, alongside local luminaries the Fuckemos, Ed Hall, Squat Thrust, etc. Gray moved to Baltimore in 1999 and continues making music as the Robert Gray 3. – Darcie Stevens

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