Thursday, December 26, 2013

As City Cycling Grows, So Does Bike Tax Temptation - ABC News

Hmm, let's spend money on a program that doesn't help local residents or generate sustainable revenue.  Then, tax the same local riders for "bike lane maintenance, etc".  These riders are out trying to prevent global warming while riding in the snow!  Give them a break...      

"Early blasts of snow, ice and below-zero temperatures haven't stopped a surprising number of Chicago cyclists from spinning through the slush this winter, thanks in part to a city so serious about accommodating them that it deploys mini-snow plows to clear bike lanes.
The snow-clearing operation is just the latest attention city leaders have lavished on cycling, from a growing web of bike lanes to the nation's second largest shared network of grab-and-go bicycles stationed all over town. But it also spotlights questions that have been raised here, a city wrestling with deep financial problems, and across the country."

"Two or three states consider legislation each year for some type of cycling registration and tax — complete with decals or mini-license plates, National Conference of State Legislatures policy specialist Douglas Shinkle said. This year, it was Georgia, Oregon, Washington and Vermont. The Oregon legislation, which failed, would even have applied to children."

As City Cycling Grows, So Does Bike Tax Temptation - ABC News

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