Friday, August 31, 2012

Mike Anderson on His Life as Lance Armstrong's "Landscaper"

Mike Anderson - Lance's "Landscaper"
 Some of my friends admire Lance!  Some of them know him for who he is and how he has treated people.  In this Fred's opinion he is just jerk (I'm being nice).  I hope he goes down!   Just ask his former friends, ex-wife,girlfriends, employees, competitors and team mates. Some people that I know here in Austin are reluctant to say anything but I have no skin in the game.  I hope he gets stripped of every title he has ever had.  Read Mike Anderson's story.  Sometimes even the "landscaper" gets it right!  Good luck Mike.  There are a lot of People that believe you. 

Excerpt from Mike's story::

I was Lance’s personal assistant for two years, during the height of his racing career. Do I think he cheated? Yep. But my real problem is something that diehard fans seem unable to grasp: the vengeful tactics he uses against people who tell the truth about him, on and off the bike.

I joined Armstrong’s staff in late 2002 as a mechanic, trail builder, and all-around handyman and assistant. At that time, we were friends who had often been on mountain-bike rides together, and he had made a written and verbal commitment to finance my dream of opening an Austin bike shop once my work with him was done. Armstrong soured on me for reasons that had nothing to do with my performance as an employee, and when I was abruptly fired in late 2004, no clear reason was given for my termination. He reneged on the promise about the bike shop and started attacking me, personally and professionally, in a way that ruined my job prospects in Austin. I ended up moving my family to New Zealand to start a new life.

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