Thursday, August 9, 2012

Surly Krampus -Attempt to Answer Your Krampus Questions

 I called and talked to the drunk guy that answers the phone at Surly and he told me that the Krampus will be unveiled at several trade shows in November and that they will be for sale to the general public in early 2013.

Attempt to Answer Your Krampus Questions  

He also told me that they are going to show the new colors for the Karate Monkey and other bikes at those same trade shows. The Krampus looks like a kickass bike.


  1. Agreed, I watched the YouTube video of the Surly Krampus and it looks fantastic. Though I wouldn't want to ride it daily, it would be a great bike for something different.

  2. It's definitely a specialty bike. It would be interesting to ride on Good Water Trail in Georgetown or maybe on some of the Barton Creek Green Belt.