Sunday, April 15, 2012

Pedal Power Comes With a Duty for All

"When my mother asked what I wanted for my 16th birthday, I said, “A new bicycle.” From her response — “How much longer are you going to be riding a bicycle?” — I knew I wasn’t going to get one. I muddled through on my aging Schwinn (bought secondhand when I was 10) for two more years, and then for my 18th birthday I bought myself a new bike.
I am now 70, and I’ve never gone a year without a bike — not one that collects dust or serves as a clothes hanger, but a bike that is ridden nearly every day. I use my bike for daily exercise and transport to class, work, shopping, tennis, swimming — most everywhere I need to go, as long as the weather, distance and dress code do not make riding impractical."

Personal Health: Pedal Power Comes With a Duty for All -

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