Saturday, April 21, 2012

Where's Gus? An 'unusually sad' cemetery mystery

“Gus” Haughton is buried somewhere in the Averill Pioneer Cemetery.

We know that because his obituary was recorded in the Western World for Oct. 19, 1916 and preserved by the Bandon Historical Society Museum.

The Bandon Historical Society carefully collects and stores obituaries, an important primary source of historical information.

The newspaper reports, “Circumstances surrounding the case of this lad are unusually sad. The accident in which he was injured was the fault of no one in particular. He was riding a bicycle down First Street when the wind blew his cap over his eyes and he rode directly in front of the big Buick six driven by Paul Ford of Marshfield. The latter tried to avert the collision but could not stop in time though he was not driving fast.” 

The Bandon Western World :: Where's Gus? An 'unusually sad' cemetery mystery

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