Sunday, January 20, 2013

Bicycles in the Dictionary

When I go out to ride my Cross-country bicycle I think it is definitely a good idea to have goggles, a fork, a really old rear suspension and some clip-less pedals. If you don't have goggles how are you going to perform acrobatics. Always wear your goggles.

Cross-country bicycle: relatively small, sturdy bicycle designed for performing acrobatics and competing in competitions on rough terrain. Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary - Cross-Country Bicycle
Cross-country bicycle
When riding on a downhill bike forget about the fork or back suspension. The most important items are your chin strap and your raised handlebar.

Downhill bicycle
 Downhill bicycle: small, very sturdy bicycle for racing on rough ground with steep hills and strewn with obstacles. Merriam-Webster Visual Dictionary - Downhill Bicycle

When riding a road bike it is good to have a frame, a tire or two, a fork and sometimes a chain comes in handy.  On a road bike the most important items are the jersey, stretchy pants and gloves. In my opinion pedals are optional but shoes are a must.
Road-racing bicycle

Road-racing bicycle: bicycle that is designed for speed; it has narrow tires, a lightweight frame and handlebars conducive to an aerodynamic position for the cyclist. 

On the pursuit bicycle forks, frames, tires, chains, goggles and shoes take a back seat to the seat-tube and handbars/grips.  Many people don't realize that without handlebars (for the grips) and a seat-tube (for the seat) it is nearly impossible to ride a pursuit bike.  

Pursuit bicycle

Pursuit bicycle: bicycle with limited equipment, that is, no brakes, no derailleur (no gears) and no freewheel. 


Merriam-Webster seems to think that you need hands to ride a BMX bike.  I think that sounds reasonable.

BMX bicycle
When not smoking one some BMX Bicyclists ride on this thing called a pipe.  I wonder if a Cross-country bicycle could do acrobatic tricks on one these things?
Half Pipe: A wooden U-shaped track that is set up for performing various acrobatic stunts (such as jumps and slides).
BMX Half-Pipe

BMX: A sport that consists of performing freestyle acrobatics using a small, one-speed bicycle. 

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