Thursday, January 24, 2013

Cyclist dies - no helmet

I am not a helmet Nazi but I make my kids wear a helmet (plus it is a law in Austin).  I hate to read this story.

A 13-year-old girl is dead after she fell off her bike and her head hit the concrete. She wasn't wearing a helmet.
Paige Lagahetau was playing on a steep rise outside a relative's home in Papakura when the accident happened in full view of her siblings - who only moments earlier warned her against doing anything risky.
"Children on a bike test the limit and see how far they are going to go," relative Dean Peni said. "Unfortunately, she hopped on a bike and throughout the day decided she was going to give this a go."
Paige's death comes as a child safety group is about to launch a campaign to reduce New Zealand's growing injury rate for children not wearing bike helmets.
Safekids will this year ask children aged 9 and older why they aren't wearing helmets, because director Ann Weaver says efforts so far "aren't getting through".
On Monday, as Paige - who owned a helmet but may not have had it with her - took her bike to the top of the rise, her brother Christopher, 15, told her he knew "what you're going to do" and warned her not to.
"He yelled out, 'Paige stop', and she zoomed past him and was giggling," said Mr Peni. "Not long had she past him, they saw she lost control - by that time she had picked up a lot of speed - and I think panic set in."
Paige's parents, Dez and Rozanne, arrived at hospital unaware how badly hurt she was. Doctors told them there was no chance she would survive, and she died within hours.
"They were right with her 'till the last breath," Mr Peni said. "We were in the room with her ... holding her hand, comforting her, and she passed away in the arms of her parents."

Cyclist dies - no helmet - National - NZ Herald News

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