Saturday, February 23, 2013

Bike Violence on the Rise

Keine Fahrr├Ąder!
This seems to be a trend.  The bicycle is getting angrier and more dangerous.  Bike violence is out of control.  Bikes are attacking law enforcement , blowing up people in India and targeting SUV's.  This just serves to renew my quest to get the bicycle banned.  It will be easiest in the United States because it doesn't say anywhere in the constitution that Americans have the right to keep and ride bicycles plus we are just getting over this whole Darth Armstrong thing that has destroyed many lives.  If we can save just one life.  Even if cycle rights were in the constitution we could push to get ideologue judges appointed, leaders could write executive orders and then use the congress to bypass the will of the people through the use of procedural tactics.  Every time I read one of these stories I think of the movie Maximum Overdrive 
Who is controlling these infernal machines?  It's either the Illuminati or the E.T.'s.

Humble bicycle turns into lethal explosive carrier - The Times of India
Bike on Child Violence!

Bikes are attacking law enforcement

Florida Bicycle ban

Who made Who?

This bike caught on camera trying to get away to do evil and wreak mayhem.  

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