Monday, February 18, 2013

Transport: Cyclists Should Treat Motorists With.

Interesting story from New Zealand.

I'm a reformed arrogant cyclist

IAN LEWIS Since my school days I've cycled to my place of study or work most days.
I live in Hamilton where the traffic is sedate. One has to stay alert though. I know my route and I know the intersections where automobiles have trouble spotting cyclists. That's when I pay the most attention and spot any approaching cars carefully - making eye contact and giving a cheery thumbs up if the driver gives way and lets me carry on - or hitting the brakes if not.
I guess I could stand up for my rights as a fellow road user. After all, the road code says I'm allowed to be there and to be treated with utmost respect doesn't it? But I'm also a regular driver of a large van and long experience has taught me that cyclists are damned hard to spot in rear-view or side mirrors.
Average Everyday Bike Commuter.
Also, some cyclists are just bloody arrogant. I was like that for a while until I realised my attitude was going to get me punched in the head or killed. So I adapted.
I treat cars, buses and trucks like giant lumbering (or occasionally charging) elephants, ridden by slightly distracted people who certainly don't want to hurt me, but who have less control over their large, heavy steeds than we like to think. I treat them with a lot of respect. 
Ninety-nine per cent of my daily commute rides are hassle-free. Drivers in Hamilton (and in Auckland) are great to cyclists in general. Only infrequently do I see altercations or expressive hand signals being exchanged. Once in a while I'll get cut off by a car or a van and heave a bit of a sigh, but then I think of the times I've missed seeing a cyclist while I've been driving, and I get over it.

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