Sunday, February 17, 2013

Lance Armstrong was my mentor. I'm still in shock, says Team Sky's IanBoswell

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7:50AM GMT 14 Feb 2013

Armstrong saw the talented youngster and invited him to join his Bontrager-Livestrong development squad for cyclists aged under 23. For two years, help from Boswell’s sporting hero was a humbling privilege. “He would come to the team camps and I got to know him on a personal level,” he said. “I had my birthday at his house.” Armstrong was like a friend to Boswell – and what is worse than a friend’s betrayal?
As this fresh-faced first year professional prepared for his stage race debut in the Tour of Algarve, as one of Team Sky’s new wave, Boswell admitted the revelations about Armstrong’s lies and doping disgrace, capped by his confession in an interview with Oprah Winfrey, still shocked him.
He saw only one side of Armstrong; now Boswell has seen the “double face”. Not that it has made him angry. Sad sounds nearer the mark. “It’s just hard for me looking back, that it was all fake,” the 22-year-old said at the Sky team hotel in Majorca.
Boswell served a two-year apprenticeship at the team that carried the name of Armstrong’s cancer charity. “He was an inspiration but then it’s gone, kind of a fraud. It’s sad but it’s history now.”

Lance Armstrong was my mentor. I'm still in shock, says Team Sky's Ian Boswell - Telegraph

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