Monday, June 24, 2013

Action Alert: Contact TxDOT Now to Prevent a Bike Ban

This is BULLSHIT.  Lets give the toll roads to Spain and then ban bikes on them.  Have you ever noticed that the toll roads are huge barriers?  In the city they are great choke points for controlling the movement of the sheeple.
Sheeple Barrier

Some of our concerns about a comprehensive bicycle ban from toll roads are:
  • Riding a bike on the shoulder of a highway is the last place most people would want to be, but there is often no alternative accommodation;
  • Some toll roads do not have service roads attached and may be the only access to a location;
  • Many Texas toll roads have low traffic volumes and few conflict points, and thus are safer than their alternatives;
  • Many Texas toll roads are in rural areas without the traffic volumes associated with urban toll roads.
Such a sweeping policy from TxDOT sets a dangerous precedent for the future and does not allow any latitude in accounting for differences in regions, traffic volumes, and alternative accommodations across Texas.

Action Alert: Contact TxDOT Now to Prevent a Bike Ban

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