Saturday, June 22, 2013

Times Square bicycle bomber video released; FBI offers reward

A bicycle-riding bomber who attacked a Times Square military recruitment station may have been involved in two similar unsolved bombings in New York City, the FBI and police said Tuesday as they released video of the suspect and offered $65,000 for information leading to his capture.
The video runs for 7 minutes and 8 seconds and shows the bomber cycling down 7th Avenue through the heart of Times Square at 3:38 a.m. March 8, 2008. When he reaches the Armed Forces Recruiting Station at 43rd Street, he places the bomb near its entrance, lights a fuse, and pedals away.
Despite the hour, several people and cars pass by the station, which is at one of the city's busiest intersections. The bomb explodes about 3:40 a.m., sending a massive white cloud into the sky. Within one minute, a police car swerves into view and stops at the scene.
Nobody was wounded in the bombing, which broke windows and damaged walls. But officials said the blast -- built using ammunition commonly found on the battlefields of Iraq and Afghanistan -- could have caused "significant casualties" if people had been nearby when it exploded.

Times Square bicycle bomber video released; FBI offers reward -

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