Monday, June 10, 2013

Austin bike-sharing program might not launch until end of 2013

BUILD BIKE LANES!!!!  $2,400,000 for bikes and kiosks is stupid and not responsible with our tax money (but this is Austin).  Build something that will last more then one or two years.  I know I'm in the minority within the bike community but the bike share is dumb.  Low income riders will not pay for a rental and medium to high income riders will ride their trusty steed.  The bike share is for tourist.  FOR ONCE SPEND OUR MONEY WISELY!!

Austin’s nascent bike-sharing program, which city officials had said a few months ago could be up and running by May, has been slowed by contracting delays and now probably won’t debut until late this year.
Negotiating a contract with nonprofit Bike Share of Austin to operate the program, after the Austin City Council in January approved the sole bidder, took longer than expected, said Shannon Wisner, a spokeswoman with Austin’s Public Works Department.
That contract wasn’t completed until May 20, city officials said.
A second procurement effort, to buy the approximately 400 heavy-duty bicycles (at about $1,000 each) and about 40 docking stations and kiosks (expected to cost as much as $50,000 apiece), isn’t complete. City Council Member Chris Riley said it is scheduled to come before the council for approval June 20, but the city staff will then have to work out a contract with the winning bidder.
That procurement couldn’t be completed until the Bike Share contract was finalized because the nonprofit will be providing some of the money used to purchase the equipment, Wisner said.

Austin bike-sharing program might not launch until end of 2013 |

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