Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Cycling regimen: Build on basics to find success

Cycling endurance: We’d all like to be able to keep cycling for longer without getting tired, and by training properly it’s amazing how much you can improve over time. By starting slowly and gradually building up the amount of time you spend on the bike you will be surprised at how much longer you can keep cycling and how much stronger your aerobic or endurance fitness will become – even when your legs begin to tire.
Endurance is the key training ability that you should work on before anything else. While cycling speed and strength are important to differing degrees, nothing is as important as endurance. Without it you won’t get very far!

Biking speed: Going faster is particularly important if you really want to get into road racing or criterium (crit’s) events, but it is not of paramount importance if your priority is getting fit and losing weight. As we get faster on the bike, technique plays an increasingly vital role. It’s all about increasing the ‘cadence’ and “torque” on the pedals or speed and power in which you can turnover each pedal stroke. Ask one of the experts at your local cycling shop to show you how this is done.

Strength: Strength refers to your ability to push your pedals purposefully, stroke after stroke without tiring. Sport-specific exercises that train the muscles of the lower body, such as your quads, gluets and calves, are essential if you are to build up strength for cycling.Cycling regimen: Build on basics to find success | The News-Press |

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